Dessert Packaging Line - Canada

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Location: Toronto, Canada

A POWER packaging team, working for a U.S.-based multi-national food processor at a bakery in Toronto, Canada, developed packaging systems for two chocolate brownie-based dessert products. The scope included packaging design on lines for dessert cups and enrobed brownie bites. Project challenges included conveying the brownie bites to the bagger, and the packaging itself. The bites line included radial scales and vertical baggers from Heat and Control, Ishida and Bosch. The plant’s new baggers are able to form very complex pouches with a variety of stand-up features.  The line included de-panning of the cups through cartoning and case packing.  POWER, as the packaging lead, was the only outside resource to act as lead design engineer on the project.  Knowledge of equipment suppliers allowed POWER to utilize surplus equipment on much of the line, saving the client both time and capital.