Aseptic Juice Drinks and Hot Fill Fruit Pouches: Building Renovation and Process/Packaging Line Design

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While conducting product and process research in a university laboratory, this innovative client identified a new technique for processing aseptic and hot fill fruits and vegetables. They contacted POWER to assist them in the commercialization of their proprietary technique.

Supporting them from the facility master planning and site selection phases through final design, POWER provided engineering assistance in identifying and evaluating possible building locations, existing building acceptance studies, demolition plans, and full reconstruction and installation services including building, utilities, process, packaging, automation and controls. The final products included fresh fruit purees, mixers, and sauces.

Ultimately, the project entailed the conversion of a facility previously used for chicken processing into a state-of-the-art aseptic and hot fill processing plant. The facility included two lines that were designed to operate independently without limitation. The first line was a hot fill line processing and packaging fruit products into individual serving size retail pouches. The second was an aseptic line for cold filling products such as purees, soups, and sauces into multi-serve cartons.


Project Features

POWER’s Services

Master planning

Site evaluation and selection

Building redesign

Process and packaging design services

Automation and controls support

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