Power System Studies

Today’s competitive electric power market puts a premium on reliability, efficiency and low cost. POWER Engineers provides essential analysis and planning services that help you meet those goals.

Gain Real-World Perspective

Our engineers work closely with our design teams and understand the practical realities behind theoretical solutions. You benefit by being able to carry out workable plans for your power system.

Roadmap Your Investments

Our short-term and long-term plans present you practical choices that balance cost, capacity, performance and reliability. We also can assess the effect of traditional and renewable generation plants on your grid.

Expertise for Your System

Predicting performance under normal and unusual conditions is a vital part in planning, permitting, designing, operating and protecting your system. We have the tools and expertise to model power system performance, including:

POWER will help you understand your system, expand it and explain how to make the most of its performance.


System Performance

Field Effects and Grounding

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